Tsinghua University High School International at Chaoyang (THSI) is a 12-year innovative school rooted in China and oriented to the world. It is dedicated to cultivating 「fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens.」

School Mission

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Fulfilled Individuals

  • To have a keen awareness of one's behaviors, cognitions, and attitude and to embrace them without judgment.
  • To be able to take advantage of one's setbacks and experiences as the opportunities to grow and possess the self-efficacy to embrace all the unknowns.
  • To persistently and deeply construct one's reason of being and treat every moment with openness.

Active, Compassionate Citizens

  • To have a systematic sense of all being one and empathy towards all beings.
  • To deeply understand t he progress and challenges of human beings and find where to address such challenges.
  • To promote groups of various backgrounds to solve problems based on strong coordination and organization skills.

The Competency Model