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About THSI

What is THSI?

Tsinghua University High School International at Chaoyang (THSI) is a 12-year innovative school rooted in China and oriented to the world. It is dedicated to cultivating “fulfilled individuals, and active, compassionate citizens”.

Our campus is located in the National Tennis Center in Chaoyang District, Beijing, close to the Olympic Forest Park. The location and the strategic cooperation with the National Tennis Center allow us to have state-level facilities and resources. This environment with a forest coverage rate of up to 95% has brought unlimited energy and imagination to the innovation of education.

Based on the Chinese Natinal Curriculum Standards, we have integrated the world's top curriculum systems and resources to build an international education and teaching system rooted in China and facing the world. This system is characterized by competency-based education, bilingual teaching, and the concept of sustainable development. It has been certified as a member school by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and certified by Cognia, the world's largest school certification institute.

As of June 2023, six classes of graduates have graduated from MSA, and they have gone to a bigger and farther world, including but not limited to: comprehensive universities and art colleges such as Emory University, Rice University, Washington St. Louis University, New York University, Columbia University (Trinity College dual degree program), UCLA, University of Minerva, Rhode Island School of Design, Berklee College of Music in the USA; Imperial College London, University College London, University of Edinburgh in the UK; University of Toronto in Canada, Emlyon Business School in France, University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, University of Sydney in Australia etc., as well as top American liberal arts colleges such as St. John's College, Reed College, University of Richmond, Macalester College, etc.

School Value


Develop fulfilled individuals, and active, compassionate citizens to support the sustainability of human civilization.


Rooted in China and oriented to the World, THSI aims to build a learning community providing competency-based education that cultivates learners' cognitive skills, self-direction, and social responsibility.


  • Merciful to all beings
  • Seek for truth
  • Act with perseverance

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